[Box Backup] Boxi + bbackup problem

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 20:10:39 BST 2006

Hi Simon,

> Sorry for not answering, been kind of busy. But yes, it works! Very good 
> that I got it working before my report is due.

OK, so it works on both platforms, Windows XP and Windows 2003?

>>  Please could you send me your bbackupd.conf files from your Windows XP 
>>  and Windows 2003 boxes?
> I'm attaching it.

You have the same bbackupd.conf for both? Can I just confirm that I 
understood you correctly, that with the old version of Boxi you saw
this problem on Windows 2003 but not on XP?

>> >  Is it possible to start the binary automatically (without gui) and fire
>> >  on the backupprocess .... that means I want to push the Backupprocess
>> >  only during the night. Maybe a nice feature to allow the Backupdaemon to
>> >  sync from 20.00 in the evening to  6.00 in the morning ?
>>  Not yet. I'm thinking about adding such a feature, but not sure yet 
>>  whether to integrate it fully into Boxi, or to install Box Backup as a 
>>  service and configure it to run at those times.
> This is something that I also want.

But which would you prefer, a GUI to configure Box Backup or a GUI to run 
your backups without Box Backup?

Cheers, Chris.
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