[Box Backup] backup on nfs-mounted storage

Martin Ebourne boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Oct 19 09:45:57 BST 2006

Ben Summers <ben at fluffy.co.uk> wrote:
> bbstored uses file locks on a file in the filesystem to do account
> locking. You do need locks on whatever filesystem you're using for the
> server.

If fcntl does work for NFS but flock doesn't then I wonder if there's  
any milage in detecting this at runtime rather than compile time and  
acting accordingly.

Something to be very careful about though, to make sure it doesn't  
find any new holes. Given the increasing use of SAN and network  
storage in general I think it could be worthwhile.

File locking has got to be one of the biggest screwups in unix  
history. And a pretty bad feature to screw up as well. :(



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