[Box Backup] backup on nfs-mounted storage

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Oct 19 11:20:14 BST 2006

On 19 Oct 2006, at 09:45, Martin Ebourne wrote:

> Ben Summers <ben at fluffy.co.uk> wrote:
>> bbstored uses file locks on a file in the filesystem to do account
>> locking. You do need locks on whatever filesystem you're using for  
>> the
>> server.
> If fcntl does work for NFS but flock doesn't then I wonder if  
> there's any milage in detecting this at runtime rather than compile  
> time and acting accordingly.

What happens if you use both? Are the two mechanism independent?

> Something to be very careful about though, to make sure it doesn't  
> find any new holes. Given the increasing use of SAN and network  
> storage in general I think it could be worthwhile.
> File locking has got to be one of the biggest screwups in unix  
> history. And a pretty bad feature to screw up as well. :(

Win32 is a much nicer API than POSIX for the low level stuff. :-(


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