[Box Backup] My little boxbackup HOWTO

Jonas Berlin boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Oct 25 08:45:21 BST 2006

Hans Lambermont wrote:
> Jonas Berlin wrote:
>> The documentation at the boxbackup homepage took me a long time to
>> grasp and in the confusion and while testing forth and back, I ended
>> up writing down the commands I used to accomplish varying tasks..
> ...
>> http://xkr47.outerspace.dyndns.org/howtos/boxbackup/
> Is this still online ? I get a 'xkr47 contacted' but no page.
> regards,
>    Hans Lambermont


I think it may have been my web server having some problems. I have 
restarted it, and it seems to work again.

Please contact me again if it doesn't work, I can even send you the page 
by email if nothing else :)

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