[Box Backup] Housekeeping hogging the server

Jamie Neil boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 14:12:45 BST 2006

Ben Summers wrote:
> On review of the code, I don't think thousands of entries in a directory
> is going to cause problems with housekeeping. It should scale roughly
> linearly with the number of directories in an account. The client is
> another matter, but even then, it should be pretty fast as the really
> slow code was improved several versions ago -- I note you only reported
> problems with the server.

We've had problems with the client side as well, but in this case it's
just the server and without any clients actually attached to it.
Restarting boxbackup (checked there were no stuck processes) doesn't
seem to help, it just climbs straight back up to 100% again.

> I therefore suspect that something else is happening here. If you could
> run a disc benchmark on the guest and the hardware on it's own, I think
> that would be a useful start to finding out what the problem is.

I'll try to check it when I get some spare time. I've been sidetracked
for the last couple of days dealing with a spam tsunami that's killing
our SA boxes.

> How much data is stored in the other accounts?

Just a few Gb.

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