[Box Backup] Run BB as a screensaver/when screensaver is running

Andreas Schrafl boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Feb 10 16:38:37 GMT 2007

On Windows machines one has to have a virusscanner and when Boxbackup 
kicks in and starts to scan the disk, so does the virusscanner and 
although box uses about 30% of the CPU time the virusscanner uses the 
rest, leaving the the user with a machine that is slow responsive.

What I thought of was that since a box scan takes about 5-10 minutes 
(not the initial) it would probably fit into a normal users break.
So how do I detect the break? When the screensaver kicks in.

The question is though: Does anybody know a way to limit boxbackup scans 
to the time when a screensaver is running (thought of SyncAllowScript) 
and even better, to have a pseudo screensaver that starts the real 
screensaver and a boxscan?


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