[Box Backup] Box Backup on Rails

Stefan Norlin boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 17:02:41 GMT 2007

We have created a Ruby driver for Box Backup and implemented
a web application based on Ruby on Rails (http://www.rubyonrails.org).
It can be used for browsing server stores (like bbackupquery) and
we will soon add functionality to restore/extract files.

The first version of the result can be viewed and tested a bit here:


User login: "demo"/"bbdemo"
Admin login: "admin"/"bbadmin"

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Please do not change the passwords and please let the original info
be so that anyone can try it, but otherwise feel free to play around
in the application. You can even add your own server if you like.
Like in "your own test server" that you do not mind if other people
can access... :)

Some info on the project here:


Maybe the name "Box Backup on Rails" should be changed in
order not to step on anyones toes if it sounds too officially connected
to Box Backup, but it was the name that first came to mind.

Our intention is to license it as open source and make it a contribution
to the project if there is enough interest in it... after some additional
work and cleanup. We really appreciate all the effort put in the Box
Backup prohect and the truly great product!

If you have any questions/comments that do not belong on the list,
feel free to send them directly to me, stefan.norlin at infoflexconnect.se.


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