[Box Backup] Box Backup on Rails

Richard Hurt boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 18:40:03 GMT 2007

Excellent!  I am very excited by this and would love to see it come to
fruition.  I am in the process of setting up BB for a local school and
need a clean, easy way to allow them to restore files.  We could even
potentially set it up for individual users to restore their own files.

After working with the web site for a minute I have two possible

  1) Do you have any type of templating going on?  Is it easy to
translate or change the look and feel so that it melds into an
existing design?  We have a school portal that I would love to tie it

  2) Can you hook it up to LDAP for authentication?  We use OpenLDAP
(via. Apple OS X) for our user base and I would like to leverage the
security of the system instead of creating yet another security


On 2/26/07, Stefan Norlin <stefan.norlin at infoflexconnect.se> wrote:
> > I get the following message when I hit your link.  I think you need to
> > loosen up some permissions or something.  :)
> Indeed... should be ok now.
> Sorry about that.
> Stefan
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