[Box Backup] Strange backup corruption

boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 15:31:34 GMT 2007


 I  use  BoxBackup  0.10  on Linux server to backup several locations.
 I  don't use raid, boxbackup's storage is on the dedicated hard disk,
 ext3 filesystem. Everything works fine except one location.

 One  of  the  files  in  storage  had  16384GB (I don't have so large
 hardisk so I think it is filesystem corruption). So I run fsck on it.
 No errors. So I simply deleted that file. Fsck corrected some errors.
 It repeated some times. I deleted that file.

 Now "bbackupquery usage" reports "Used 16828025.5Mb". So I did
 bbstoreaccounts check accountno fix
 It  corrected  some  errors but I still have wrong usage (correct is about
 50GB on the filesystem).

 So two questions:

 1. How to correct the wrong usage report of bbstoreaccounts?

 2. How to prevent generation of so large file by bbstored?


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