[Box Backup] one drive headin' south - recovery methods?

Richard Hurt boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 14:41:32 GMT 2007


You mention that the built-in BoxBackup RAID support is going away,
which I think is a good thing.  However, on the BoxBackup server
configuration page (http://www.fluffy.co.uk/boxbackup/server.html)
instructs us that "Running the server in non-RAID mode has not been
tested as extensively as in RAID file mode."

I building out a new BB server and would like a little more direction
on this topic.  Which way should I go, software RAID or BB raidfile?


On 1/3/07, Ben Summers <ben at fluffy.co.uk> wrote:
> <snip>
> Note you cannot recreate a lost drive. If a drive dies, you can use
> the store for reading but not writing. I plan to remove raidfile
> support in the next major version -- software RAID support is much
> better these days, and the raidfile support is not complete as it
> doesn't have full recovery options.
> Ben

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