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Paul MacKenzie boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 19:54:10 GMT 2007

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your e-mail.

Oddly (if I remember this right..)  when I ran the command without 
the -d option on the directory it seemed to work and restored the 
files within the directory (not empty anymore). It is quite difficult 
to restore large directories (I get timeouts all the time). And for 
individual files within a full directory, I find it difficult (and 
some times impossible) to find the object id in a folder where there 
are 1000s of files to get the right one / older version. Any 
suggestions on how I can do a list like:

list file*

And it shows all the files starting with the word "file"



At 06:31 PM 03/01/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>On Sat, 2 Dec 2006, Chris Wilson wrote:
>>>  Would someone be abke to tell me what is the procedure to 
>>> restore a  complete directory with all the deleted files 
>>> including the non deleted  ones? The directory still exists but 
>>> not the files within it. I tried  restoring the directory with 
>>> the -d optiona nd it came up empty.
>>Try "restore -d", it should do what you want, despite the documentation.
>Sorry, did I really say that? Must remember to engage brain next 
>time before opening hand next time.
>You tried "restore -d" on the directory and it restored an *empty* 
>directory? If that happened, it's definitely a bug, and I'm sorry 
>about it and will investigate as soon as possible. So please let me 
>know if I understood you correctly.
>Cheers, Chris.
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