[Box Backup] Server drive failed

Per Reedtz Thomsen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Jan 6 07:13:04 GMT 2007

On 1/5/07 12:30 PM, Diego Ongaro wrote:
> Our boxbackup server's large drive has failed. We still have /etc and /
> on a different (smaller) drive that didn't fail, but we lost the actual
> server data. How can we bring our backups back up?
> Thanks,
> Diego Ongaro
Were the Dir1, Dir2 and Dir3 (from /etc/box/raidfile.conf) directories 
all on the drive that failed? Or alternately, was the drive part of a 
RAID array (hardware or software)?

If the answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second 
is no, that data is gone. That is why Box Backup uses the three 
directories. Those directories should be on 3 separate discs to ensure 
that you won't lose data if a drive fails.

Or, if you use a hardware or OS-level RAID subsystem, you can rescue the 
data using the hardware or OS-level utilities.

If none of these will work for you, you will have to install a new drive 
(or drives, to ensure this doesn't happen again), and redo all the 
backups. You will have lost old and deleted files from your previous 

If you're completely desparate (and have the money) you can send your 
drive to a place like DriveSavers (http://www.drivesavers.com), where 
they might be able to recover some or all your data. They are not cheap, 
though. IIRC, they offer a no-recovery-no-charge policy....


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