[Box Backup] Any pitfalls with NFS and bbackupd/bbstored

Martin Ebourne boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Jan 7 18:58:32 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-07 at 18:19 +0000, Stuart Hickinbottom wrote:
> My question is whether there will be any problem with either:
> 1. The bbackupd client daemon backing up files that are on the other
> side of an NFS mount.

This should be fine. The only thing I can think of which could
potentially give issue would be inode numbers, but I think this will
work and it is only used for optimisation anyway so is not critical.

> 2. The bbstored server daemon managing a server filestore that is on the
> other side of an NFS mount.

This could give problems with file locking (see archives for more info).
I'm not sure if it would work as is, but could be made to be. The danger
then would be if the same account was accessed by more than one
simultaneous connection.

These two cases need to be looked at and fully fsupported.



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