[Box Backup] Mac OS X bbackupd compile

Richard Hurt boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Jan 21 11:47:21 GMT 2007

Hey all,

I'm trying to get a bbackupd client going on OS X 10.4 Tiger (Darwin
8.8.0) and while I can get it to compile, I'm getting a couple of
errors during the test phase.  I haven't really looked into but I
thought I would talk to you guys first and see if anything looked out
of place.  See my output below.

Also, I looked around for a pre-built binary (*.dmg) for OS X but
couldn't find anything.  Does anyone know if someone is building the
client out for Macs?  I'm also open to using Fink, sortta.  This is
going on a production machine (for my Children's school) and I'm not
sure about putting Fink on it.  However, I have it on my box and if I
can get it there and just move it over, I'm good with that.  :)



$ sudo ./runtest.pl bbackupd
...make stuff skipped...
TEST: test/bbackupd
Removing old test files...
Copying new test files...
Account 1234567 created
Running test bbackupd in debug mode...
Exception thrown: CommonException(OSFileError) at
Exception thrown: CommonException(OSFileError) at
Exception thrown: BackupStoreException(AttributesNotLoaded) at
Server: ../../bin/bbstored/bbstored testfiles/bbstored.conf
FAILURE: Server didn't save PID file at ../../lib/common/Test.h(97)
FAILURE: Condition [bbstored_pid != -1 && bbstored_pid != 0] failed at
FAILED: 2 tests failed
bbackupd: FAILED: 2 tests failed

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