[Box Backup] Mac OS X bbackupd compile

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Jan 21 13:49:39 GMT 2007

Hi Richard,

> I'm trying to get a bbackupd client going on OS X 10.4 Tiger (Darwin 
> 8.8.0) and while I can get it to compile, I'm getting a couple of errors 
> during the test phase.  I haven't really looked into but I thought I 
> would talk to you guys first and see if anything looked out of place. 
> See my output below.

I believe there are some problems with running a Box Backup server on Mac 
OS X, which may lead to some tests failing, even though the client seems 
to work fine. But this one:

> $ sudo ./runtest.pl bbackupd
> ...
> Server: ../../bin/bbstored/bbstored testfiles/bbstored.conf
> FAILURE:  Server didn't save PID file at ../../lib/common/Test.h(97)
> FAILURE:  Condition [bbstored_pid != -1 && bbstored_pid != 0] failed at
> testbbackupd.cpp(388)
> FAILED: 2 tests failed

almost certainly means that you have a bbstored still running, perhaps 
left over from a previous test that didn't finish properly and clean up.

Try 'killall bbstored' and run the test again.

> Also, I looked around for a pre-built binary (*.dmg) for OS X but 
> couldn't find anything.  Does anyone know if someone is building the 
> client out for Macs?  I'm also open to using Fink, sortta.  This is 
> going on a production machine (for my Children's school) and I'm not 
> sure about putting Fink on it.  However, I have it on my box and if I 
> can get it there and just move it over, I'm good with that.  :)

I'm not aware of a dmg package or prebuilt binary for Mac OS X. The safest 
thing to do is to build it, either on the target machine, or another one 
with the same version of Mac OS X. To move between compatible machines, 
copy the parcels/boxbackup-xxx-backup-client-xxx.tgz file from the machine 
where it was built to the target machine.

Cheers, Chris.
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