Client connects far too often (Was: Re: [Box Backup] Windows service starts and immediately stops.)

Chris Wilson boxbackup at
Mon Jan 22 22:26:48 GMT 2007

Hi David,

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007, David Anderson wrote:

> Are there any plans for future versions to (at least be able to) send 
> their errors to the server? It's much more efficient when you have 
> several boxes to just read a centralised log on the server than log into 
> diverse client systems.
> (I realise I could set up centralised logging systems using other 
> means... but a "poor man's version" would be nice. I don't want to open 
> up more firewall ports for syslog servers, etc.).

Yes. See []:

* Perhaps we could add a protocol command that the client sends to the
   server to request it to log a message (Chris).  For example, indicate
   "not uploading changes to files" (for "Exceeded storage limits on
   server" or any other reason) on server side for admin convenience.
   Should be in "bbstoreaccounts check" and "bbstoreaccounts info" and
   /var/log/box and maybe even in /var/log/messages.  Use "error" or
   "warning" string for easy grep-ing (PJ). We have to be careful about
   denial of service (log flooding) against the server by the client

No developer has committed to working on it yet, though.

Cheers, Chris.
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