[Box Backup] Windows 64bit support ... ?

Mikael Syska boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jan 25 01:36:52 GMT 2007

Hey Chris,

I choose 32bit since there were not performance gain with the programs I 
use .... so dont expect any problems what so ever from me ... just 
wanted to let you know ...

it still runs smooth ... :-) on win32 to my FreeBSD 5.4 ... :-)

// ouT

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Mikael,
>> as the title says, does the windows client support windows xp pro 64 
>> bit ? or ? As I soon get a new computer, and wants to know if its 
>> able to run, or I have to reconsider the update to 64bit ....
> Your system runs 32-bit Intel binaries, right? If so, then Box Backup 
> (Windows client) should work fine, as far as I know. I'd be interested 
> to hear of any problems that you have, although it may not be easy for 
> me to fix them without access to such a machine.
> Cheers, Chris.

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