[Box Backup] OSFileError

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jan 25 21:59:01 GMT 2007

Hi Patrick,

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, patrick machielse wrote:

> The cause of the problem seems to be that bbackupd simply can't find a 
> location. I moved one of the folders I had specified in the 
> configuration file, and this makes bbackupd throw the exception. I think 
> there are two problems with this:

This has already been fixed since 0.10, in my branch. I hope that the fix 
will be merged into the trunk. Perhaps we can add this as a "known 
problem" with 0.10? Any objections?

> 1- I would expect bbackupd to simply skip non-existing locations, 
>    printing a warning to stderr. As it stands, the exception prevents 
>    backup of any location in the configruation (the non-existing folder 
>    is the first one listed), not just of the one that wasn't found.

My patch fixes this.

> 2- The error message: "Exception caught (Common OSFileError (Error 
>    accessing a file. Check permissions.) 1/9), reset state and waiting 
>    to retry..." is misleading since it is not a permissions problem. 
>    Also, the message could (should) indicate _which_ file couldn't be 
>    accessed.

My patch reports the name of the file that failed, but I don't think 
it reports a better error than Common OSFileError. The description of that 
exception is generic, and just a hint, not specific.

I think we should have a better error handling framework, with some more 
specific subtypes of exceptions under Common OSFileError, such as Access 
Denied, File Not Found, etc. Any objections if I manually create some such 

> If you can confirm this is indeed the behaviour (and a bug), I will add 
> a new ticket to trac.

Feel free to create the ticket, making sure to note that it is fixed in 
chris/merge and awaiting merge into trunk.

Also, I would be grateful if you could try chris/merge and see if it fixes 
the problem for you.

Cheers, Chris.
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