[Box Backup] bbackupd false notification

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 21:19:11 GMT 2008

Hi Kiru,

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, kiru wrote:

> I'm running the bbackupd daemon with the -V argument, and I see only the 
> following messages in the syslog:
> ---
> Box Backup (bbackupd)[28220]: NOTICE: Finished scan of local files
> Box Backup (bbackupd)[28220]: NOTICE: About to notify administrator about 
> event backup-finish, running script '/etc/box/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin.sh 
> backup-finish'
> Box Backup (bbackupd)[28220]: NOTICE: File statistics: total file size 
> uploaded 4192095, bytes already on server 0, encoded size 2801312
> ---
> but I receive messages in every half hour with the following subject: "BACKUP 
> PROBLEM on host mikroweb.hu (unknown)".
> Why is this? How can I eliminate this?

Thanks for the concise and accurate description!

I believe that you have upgraded from 0.10 and you have not reconfigured 
Box Backup by running bbackupd-config. The old notify script is still in 
place in /etc/box/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin.sh and does not know anything 
about the backup-finish event, so it reports an unknown error.

The easiest way to fix it is to edit the NotifySysadmin script by hand, 
find the line that starts with "else", and add these three lines before 

elif [ "\$1" = backup-start -o "\$1" = backup-finish ]; then
         # do nothing by default

Please let me know if that helps and I'll add it to the Upgrading section 
of the Wiki (did you read that by the way?)

Cheers, Chris.
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