[Box Backup] box backup and not existing directories

Torsten boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Tue Nov 4 15:38:28 GMT 2008

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if i have a location not existing locally and not existing on the store but 
activated as a location in bbackupd.conf. With this configuration box backup 
throws this errors on start.

ERROR: Failed to stat file: '/test-': No such file or 
directory (2)
WARNING: Exception thrown: CommonException(OSFileError) at 
ERROR: Failed to get attributes for path '/test-', 
skipping location 'test-'
WARNING: Failed to access directory: /test- No such file 
or directory
NOTICE: About to notify administrator about event backup-ok, running 
script '/root/exobackup/boxbackup/NotifySysadmin.sh backup-ok'

My problems:

- this errors are only printed once. The next backup runs do not consider to 
backup this location. That is not good for me. I have locations on remote 
storage mounted via samba. So only one mount error and i will never again be 
notified that this location is not backed up.

- is this the right behavior, that backup-ok is called even though there was 
this error?

I attached a little patch that makes box backup to retry this location. But i 
dont think that this is a clean way. 

Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you

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Index: bin/bbackupd/BackupDaemon.cpp
--- bin/bbackupd/BackupDaemon.cpp	(Revision 2373)
+++ bin/bbackupd/BackupDaemon.cpp	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -1676,7 +1676,7 @@
 						"for path '" << apLoc->mPath
 						<< "', skipping location '" <<
 						apLoc->mName << "'");
-					continue;
+					//continue;
 				// Execute create directory command


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