[Box Backup] Files are backup, but old/delete does not stay

Alexandre Mallais boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Mon Nov 17 21:29:16 GMT 2008

Sorry I miss to provide this informations.
I doubt this being the problem

usage show this:
query > usage
          Used     1328.1Mb  66% **************************
     Old files       11.0Mb   0%
 Deleted files        0.0Mb   0%
   Directories        9.5Mb   0%
    Soft limit     1500.0Mb  75% ******************************
    Hard limit     2000.0Mb 100% ****************************************

So I doubt this is the problem, it did not acheive the 75% for a long time

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Alexandre,
> On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Alexandre Mallais wrote:
>> I backup several server (4 linux/freebsd). But one of them does not 
>> backup correctly.
>> I backup the folder /abc . In /abc there is a file that is generated 
>> each day, and has the output of `date` in its name. If i got on the 
>> backup with bbackupquery, and I list what is in /abc with ls -do I do 
>> not see any deleted (X) file , but there should be a lot of them.
>> On my other server everything seems to backup correctly, I even brought 
>> back old version of config file and it worked. 
> How much free space does the account have up to the soft limit? Old and 
> deleted versions of files will be removed when the account reaches its 
> soft limit, until it is below the limit again.
> Cheers, Chris.

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