[Box Backup] Eventlog full with warnings

Roy boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Wed Nov 19 23:07:26 GMT 2008

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Roy wrote:
>>> I'm afraid there's no debug information that would help at this point. 
>>> The best thing would be to have access to the machine where it 
>>> happens, but I assume that's not possible for you. Failing that, I 
>>> have to be able to reproduce it, and so far I haven't been able to.
>> It is my workstation, that I use most of the time. So it would be quite hard
>> to do that. BTW it's a Windows system. So I must use RDP or VNC. But can I do
>> some things for you to test things? Maybe a chat/debug session would be quite
>> handy for this?
> Unfortunately at the moment I have no idea where this bug might come from, 
> how the memory could get corrupted, so I can't think of anything obvious 
> for you to test unless I can somehow make a custom build of bbackupd that 
> has memory corruption detection.
> Another thing that would be really helpful is to have a debug log file 
> where both the initial run (when the IDs are stored in the mapping 
> database) and the subsequent run (where those IDs are used to detect moved 
> files) in the same file. You've sent me two separate log files already but 
> I don't know whether there were any intervening runs or what could have 
> happened in the time between those logs.
Initial run, is the first run when the service starts? I will start 
logging again...
>>> If you run the same build on another Windows system, does it have the same
>>> problem? Can you give me the Volume Serial Numbers of each drive that you're
>>> backing up?
>> I didn't upgrade my other Windows systems to this build. And I'm reluctant to
>> do it, because of these errors.
> It's just a warning message, which was previously ignored. It could well 
> be a false alarm. 
Maybe on Saturday I will upgrade a Windows 2003 server to this version. 
I will monitor the eventlog.
>> Where can I find these volume serial numbers? Then I will post them.
> Use "dir" on each drive, the volume serial number is at the top of the 
> output.
c: => 941B-B190
d: => 78FA-5915
>>> What's the biggest problem for you at the moment? The fact that the 
>>> messages are filling up your logs, or is the backup not actually 
>>> working? I think that it should be working if "compare -a" works for 
>>> you and reports no differences. Could you try that and let me know?
>> I'm afraid that the backup isn't working correctly. Tomorrow I will do a
>> compare -a, so then I can tell more. The logs filling is not the worst of
>> this, it's however annoying. And I stop looking at it, so I can miss other
>> problems.
> Please do run a compare -a when you can, I hope that it will reassure you 
> that the backup is actually working correctly and that the warnings, 
> although they indicate a false assumption on our part that may be a bug in 
> Box Backup, are relatively harmless and can be ignored for now.
> Unfortunately I'm just too busy this week to look into it much further. 
> Next week should be better for me.
> Cheers, Chris.
Oke, I will run that check tomorrow and let you know what happened.

Thanks for your time!



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