[Box Backup] Old vs. Deleted

Tom Albers boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Mon Nov 24 11:05:28 GMT 2008

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Recently I had to retrieve an older version of a folder, but I could not because there were no older versions available. Running info resulted in the following:

                  Account ID: 00000001                                                
              Last object ID: 8009785                                                 
                 Blocks used: 51199878 (99999.76Mb)                                   
    Blocks used by old files: 0 (0.00Mb)
Blocks used by deleted files: 27961849 (54612.99Mb)
  Blocks used by directories: 233209 (455.49Mb)
            Block soft limit: 51200000 (100000.00Mb)
            Block hard limit: 64000000 (125000.00Mb)
         Client store marker: 1226809601724028

So all space is occupied by current files and deleted files. As stuff moves pretty quickly on that server, a lot of info goes to the deleted section. But part of that is not interesting anymore, but it is kept in the backup for ever. 

Would it be possible to say: I want 20GB for deleted, 20GB for old and 60GB for current? Or would it be possible to purge the deleted files if they are deleted longer then a week ago?


Tom Albers
KovoKs B.V.
KvK: 11033334


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