[Box Backup] manual snapshot problem

Chris Wilson boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Fri Oct 17 20:30:00 BST 2008

Hi Torsten,

On Fri, 17 Oct 2008, Torsten wrote:

> sorry for so much emails from me.

Not at all, thanks very much for helping us by testing the trunk! This is 
really incredibly useful for sorting out problems before releasing 0.11.

> I have another problem. I do not use AutomaticBackup. I run bbackupctl 
> 'sync manually'.
> Sent 'bbackupctl sync' once the backup never stops. The same seconds the 
> backup ends it starts again. That is not good for my internet connection 
> ;)
> I did not have this problem with 0.11rc2 but only with svn. At the 
> moment i use rev2354.

One thing that I changed recently is that if the backup fails for any 
reason or has errors, bbackupd will retry quite quickly rather than 
waiting for you to use the "bbackupctl sync" command again.

So, are there any error or warning messages during the backup, e.g. files 
which bbackupd failed to access? Any such error would cause it to try 
again without being asked.

Since this behaviour is not desirable for you, but others have said it is 
for them, is there some compromise that would be acceptable for you? For 
example, if the next automatic attempt happened after UpdateStoreInterval, 
which you could set to be as long as you want?

Cheers, Chris.
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