[Box Backup] machinereadble output bbackupquery - help needed

Chris Wilson boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Sat Oct 18 14:43:14 BST 2008

Hi Pete,

On Sat, 18 Oct 2008, Peter Jalajas, GigaLock Backup Services wrote:

> >> >> Add a similar client-side "bbackupquery -q usage quit" output 
> >> >> line.
> >> >
> >> > Unfortunately this is not so easy to resolve, because bbstored does 
> >> > not currently keep track of that statistic in the store info file, 
> >> > so to find it out would require scanning the entire store, making 
> >> > this command run very slowly :(
> >>
> >> How about on the client side?
> >
> > Do you mean at the end of the backup run, in the system logs? That 
> > would be possible, yes.
> I think we need one more line on the (client-side) "bbackupquery usage" output:

I'm afraid it's the same thing as on the server side in bbstoreaccounts. 
Both sides are simply reading the account info file, where certain 
statistics are tracked by bbstored. This is a simple and quick operation, 
but neither the block count in normal files (non-deleted and non-old), nor 
the number of files, is currently tracked in this file.

It is certainly possible to do so, and I'm working on a patch to do so, as 
I mentioned before, but I'm afraid it's not ready yet and it also breaks 
backwards compatibility of the account info file.
> P.S. Tallying file counts under each category would be fun, too, but not 
> at all required.

Yes, that is one of the features that I'm already implementing in this 

> P.P.S.  While I'm at it, I generally think of "Used" as a percentage of 
> "Soft", not "Hard". When a client has "Used" at 100% of "Soft", they are 
> full.  So, the displayed percentages as a fraction of "Hard" are fairly 
> useless to me.

I know some people set the soft limit to zero, and therefore only the hard 
limit is useful to them. I could probably add a switch to show values as a 
percentage of the soft limit if that would help.

Cheers, Chris.
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