[Box Backup] AccountNumber length?

Richard Hurt boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Tue Oct 21 11:53:54 BST 2008

I am trying to use a very long account number and am running into some
inconsistencies.  In order to make managing my systems easy and
automatic I am trying to use the network card MAC as an account number
but there are a couple of problems.  One is that it seems to be too
long as it can theoretically grow to 15 digits (281,474,976,710,655)
and that is greater than a 32 bit unsigned Int.  The other is that it
appears as if the server is using a 64 bit Int and the client is using
a 32 bit Int (or something like that).  I was able to build an account
on the server using account number "b9131428" but using that same
account number on the client gives me a "Invalid configuration file:
<root>.AccountNumber (key) is not a valid integer." error message.  If
I trim off the "b9" off of the account number it works in both places.

My questions are thus:

Why does the server allow the creation of account numbers that cannot
be accessed by any client?
Would it be possible to increase the size of the account number to an
unsigned long long (or something really big)?  This is not really
*that* important, just more of a wish list item for me. :)

Or I could be completely off base about this whole thing.  Just smack
me if this doesn't make sense at all.


BTW: Sorry for the repost but I keep submitting RTF/HTML email and the
server keeps bouncing it.  :(

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