[Box Backup] manual snapshot problem

Torsten boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Tue Oct 21 23:50:43 BST 2008

Hi Chris,

> > > Is this happening in the middle of uploading a large file? Is it only a
> > > problem because Box Backup doesn't know how to resume partial uploads?
> >
> > But i think my problem is no connection problem. My problem at the moment
> > is that at the box backup server i have to pay for traffic. And so
> > restarting backup run immediately after error generates lot of traffic.
> The problem seems to be that we discard all cached state when this kind of
> error occurs, which means that it has to be reloaded from the store. We
> should probably catch this kind of error and deal with it better, for
> example by continuing the backup. Please could you run bbackupd with the
> -V option, which should hopefully generate a stack trace when this error
> occurs, and give me the stack trace so that I can figure out where to
> catch the error?

Sorry no stack trace. I started it (svn2354) with -V but there are no 
additional messages. Shall i try svn2359 with this?

> > Restarting Backup on errors after UpdateStoreInterval would be a
> > solution for me. How complicated is it to implement this function?
> Not very complicated, I think I will do that.
Thanks a lot.

> I remember that Matt noticed that when not running automatic backups (i.e. 
> in snapshot mode), when an error occurs during the backup which causes it 
> not to complete successfully, it would not have retried automatically, and 
> I think I fixed that behaviour. My question is whether you would like the 
> option to control the time before that retry happens (using 
> UpdateStoreInterval) or whether you would prefer it to happen as quickly 
> as possible?

I think UpdateStoreInterval would be better for me. If i want to repeat 
immediately i can set UpdateStoreInterval to 0 in manual snapshot mode.

good night

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