[Box Backup] Failing in plain sight

James O'Gorman boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Fri Oct 24 20:45:21 BST 2008

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 08:41:49PM +0100, James O'Gorman wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 09:38:10PM -0400, Richard Hurt wrote:
> > WooT!  That did it.  Now the weird part is that my bunged up config
> > file didn't generate an error AND the Wiki/docs are not very clear
> > about exactly how this section is supposed to be.  Maybe adding an
> > example to them will help prevent this mistake from happening to
> > someone else.
> http://www.boxbackup.org/trac/wiki/ConfiguringAClient#ExcludingFilesandDirectoriesfromtheBackup
> seems fairly comprehensive, but please feel free to suggest any
> improvements to the wording. Note that 0.11 will, when released, have
> full manual pages too.

I've just remembered that Chris set a cron job to automatically update
the man pages on the website too (although I don't think they're linked
from anywhere):



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