[Box Backup] Windows client causes bbstored to consume 100% CPU

Chris Wilson boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Sun Oct 26 19:51:33 GMT 2008

Hi Frank,

On Fri, 24 Oct 2008, Frank Breedijk (Prive) wrote:

> I had configured my windows client 
> (boxbackup-chris_general_1857-backup-client-mingw32.zip) to backup to a
> gentoo boxbackup installation.
> However, this seems to cause the bbstored on my gentoo box to consume
> 100% CPU for increasingly long times [...]
> If I terminate the client or the clkient terminates the connection the
> bbstored process does not seem to end.

Thanks for the bug report. Do you have any messages in the system logs on 
the bbackupd or bbstored end when this happens? Can you reproduce it at 
will? Could you strace the bbstored master process before the client 
connects (with strace -f -s 256) and capture the trace logs somewhere so 
that we can try to see how it gets into this state?

> I do not understand why the cycle seems to start at around 4:00 each day 
> yet.

At what time does the Windows client connect each day?

Cheers, Chris.
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