[Box Backup] Compile Error on OpenBSD 4.4 AMD64

Chris Wilson boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Sun Oct 26 21:27:57 GMT 2008

Hi James,

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008, James O'Gorman wrote:

> > OK, I was thinking about setting up an openbsd build box for testing 
> > but assumed that if it worked on FreeBSD it would work on OpenBSD. I 
> > guess not, so I'll set one up and try to fix this as soon as I can.
> Unfortunately not - the BSDs have diverged in quite a few ways so you 
> can't guarantee that what works on one will work on the others now.
> I've got an OpenBSD amd64 virtual machine already, so I'll test it out. 
> I can give you a shell on it if you need it.

My feeble attempts to install openbsd 4.4 in vmware have completely 
failed, and in any case I can only use 1386 on this box, so I doubt 
whether I could reproduce it anyway.

I'd be happy to help test and fix the problem if you can give me a shell 
on that box.

Cheers, Chris.
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