[Box Backup] Compile Error on OpenBSD 4.4 AMD64

Mitja Muženič boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Sun Oct 26 22:16:18 GMT 2008


> That's a shame, that's the first I'd heard about that. I had been
> thinking about writing OpenBSD and pkgsrc ports.

Yeah, my bad for not bringing it up at the time, but I got sidetracked with
$day_job and left it on the back burner....

A port for OpenBSD's ports system is already done and pretty much commit
ready, but the fellow ports maintainers don't like when stuff only works on
i386, so it never went into the tree. This can change pretty quick though
when the building issues get solved. 

I don't have any infrastructure that would be of any help, but I can ask
some OpenBSD ports developers to test stuff on their various test platforms.


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