[Box Backup] Compile Error on OpenBSD 4.4 AMD64

Mitja Muženič boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Mon Oct 27 15:06:03 GMT 2008

Hi Chris,

> My change is bigger than the one you proposed and I believe 
> that it fixes 
> the problem properly, although I'd appreciate your help testing it.

I don't have an amd64 machine, but I asked somebody else to do the build,
and this is what he reported:

[14:34] *viq* ==== Check that SyncAllowScript is executed and can pause
[14:34] *viq* ERROR:   **** TEST FAILURE: Condition [wait_time <= 12] failed
at testbbackupd.cpp:2499
[14:34] *viq* Waited for 19 seconds, should have been 10
[14:34] *viq* Waiting for server to die (pid 17832): . done.
[14:34] *viq* Waiting for server to die (pid 13123): . done.
[14:34] *viq* FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at testbbackupd.cpp:2499)

Probably the max wait time can be safely raised here?

Regards, Mitja

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