[Box Backup] Restore fails on symbolic link to itself

David H Kaufman boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Sat Sep 13 02:08:11 BST 2008

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick response. I will investigate 0.11rc2 - it's not in
Gentoo portage yet, but there ways around that (and a bug in their bugzilla
which I'll add a note to).

On Fri, 12 Sep 2008 21:23:52 +0100 (BST), Chris Wilson <chris at qwirx.com>
>> 2. If I didn't have the source filesystem handy, I don't know how I
> would
>> have fixed the problem
> Mark the file as deleted on the store using bbackupquery, or ask us for
> help.

I didn't see any way to do this, in 0.10. Is that another 0.11 innovation?

>> 3. A restore "skip-the-first-file" switch would have helped.
> Alternately,
>> restore "don't abort on errors". Or, if I could know what file was being
>> restored, some ability to remove it from the backup (this sounds the
> most
>> error-prone and may be a terrible idea).
> You can also restore subdirectories so you could manually piece together
> your filesystem, skipping the broken directory. Boxi will also allow you
> to exclude files from restoration.

In theory, yes, but without knowing where the breakage was it would have
been difficult to figure out. I'll take a look at Boxi too.

If I haven't said this already - boxbackup is great, which is why it's
worth my effort to investigate each of these issues. So all my questions
are really a compliment!

Thanks again

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