[Box Backup] Changes in bbackupd.conf ignored

Chris Wilson boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Mon Sep 15 21:21:24 BST 2008

Hi Gerhard,

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008, gerhard.oettl.ml at ogersoft.at wrote:

> > bbackupctl sync does not wait for the sync to finish, it returns as 
> > soon as it's started.
> So the following output:
> bbackupctl sync
> Using configuration file /etc/boxbackup/bbackupd.conf
> Daemon configuration summary:
>   AutomaticBackup = false
>   UpdateStoreInterval = 0 seconds
>   MinimumFileAge = 0 seconds
>   MaxUploadWait = 0 seconds
> Succeeded.
> is a little missleading for a newbe like me - sounds like it finished uploading.

Thanks, I've improved the wording in trunk to make it clearer, I hope.

> > You want "sync-and-wait" for that.
> The boxbackup version of the 0.10+really0.10-1ubuntu3 package does not 
> know this parameter:

Sorry, it wasn't implemented in 0.10, you'll either need to upgrade or 
find another way to wait for the end of the sync.

> And the manpage does not mention a "sync-and-wait" though it sounds like 
> it does what I expected that "bbackupctl sync" would do ;-)

Sorry, the man page is quite out of date, we have too many different kinds 
of documentation with no way to keep them all in sync. But it does say 
this about the sync command:

"Initiates a backup to the store of whatever needs to be backed up."

which at least hints that it only starts the sync, not waiting for it to 

> > bbackupd has to recognise it. Did you run bbackupctl reload to tell it 
> > to reload the config file?
> I did a /etc/init.d/boxbackup-client restart

That would do it as well.

The manual page does also list the reload command, which implies that the 
daemon will not reload its configuration until asked to do so.

Cheers, Chris.
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