[Box Backup] Compile Boxi from tarball or trunk?

Chris Wilson boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Sat Apr 4 09:01:16 BST 2009

Hi Achim,

On Sat, 4 Apr 2009, Achim wrote:

> On 2/4/09 20:36, Chris Wilson wrote:
>> How did you get the manual pages to build on Cygwin? Do you remember
>> what package you installed? I simply can't get it to work. I'm about
>> ready to copy the docbook stylesheets from my linux box into trunk, as
>> they actually work, but cygwin's don't.
> Using the updated instructions I shared with the list on 31/3 on a clean 
> Cygwin install build Box Backup with no errors. The instructions also include 
> a list of the packages that I installed in Cygwin.
> This process definitely builds usable executables, but I do not know about 
> the docbook stylesheets you mention: is there a way for me to check if they 
> are in order? Do you want me to send you a couple of them in order to compare 
> them? Certainly no error messages pop up with regards to the docbooks, it 
> only takes forever to generate them...

Do you have a non-empty docs/man/bbackupd.8.gz? Can you read it with 
zless? If so, then you have a working copy. I have no idea why it doesn't 
work for me. I suspect that my xslt stylesheets are broken. Perhaps if it 
downloads the latest ones from the net, instead of using the local ones, 
then it works.

Cheers, Chris.
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