[Box Backup] Non-ASCII file and folder names crash Boxi at restore but not at backup

Achim boxbackup at boxbackup.org
Tue Apr 7 13:20:19 BST 2009

Hello list:

After successfully compiling Boxi R642 and Boxbackup R2495 as outlined in
my earlier messages, I am now running some tests on the resulting binaries,
mainly in the area of non-ASCII file names and folder names.

It appears that bbackupquery.exe and bbackupd.exe are perfectly capable of
backing up and restoring pathnames and filenames such as
"ññññääää". Boxi 

on the other hand is able to back them up, but upon restore Boxi either
crashes (case A) or fails to restore the files correctly (case B). In
addition, the file and folder names are correctly displayed in Boxbackup
but not in Boxi.

International filenames cause crashing of Boxi, and international
foldernames prevent Boxi from restoring (probably because the folder is
created with a non-international name, and therfore cd'ing into the
internationally named directory fails).

The "Program Crashed" dialog in case A reads:
AppName: boxi.exe	 
ModName: boxi.exe
Offset: 000464de

The error message for case B reads: 
"Error: failed to finish restore: Common OSFileError (Error accessing a
file. Check permissions.)".

Given that bbackupd, bbackupquery and Boxi for backing up work fine, I am
wondering if there are perhaps some function calls in the Boxi restore
module that have not been i18n-ised?

How could I provide more help in fixing this?

Thank you in advance, Achim

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