[Box Backup] Logging

Brendon Baumgartner brendon at netcal.com
Mon Apr 12 18:43:15 BST 2010

> On Sun, 11 Apr 2010, Brendon Baumgartner wrote:
> > I was reading this logging thread. Would it be possible to have an
> > option to reset the windows/linux log file once it reaches a
> > specified size defined in the conf file?
> >
> > I have found 1gb logfiles on a few windows machines and as far as I
> > tell, there isn't a way to manage these files.
> I'd prefer not to add such an option at the moment. I'd rather that
> this
> feature (LogFile option) not grow to infinite complexity. It's
> for two purposes:
> * Debugging, under close manual supervision
> * Parsing by the NotifyScript to produce backup reports, followed by
> deletion.
> Is it possible for you to use the Windows Event log for
> logging and does that solve the problem for you?

I have used the event logs so far, but the agent is so chatty, it's
quite disruptive to the administrator if they want to browse the
eventlogs. Also, if the agent did one backup and then stopped at night,
then it would probably be okay, but since it's constantly running, the
eventlogs basically end being boxbackup logs because 90% of the line
items are from boxbackup.


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