[Box Backup] Backup of an ecryptfs encrypted home

Julien Barnier julien at nozav.org
Wed Apr 28 11:08:48 BST 2010


I'm a happy boxbackup user from several months now, and as such I
first wanted to thank you for all your great work on it.

And now the problem :-)

I recently changed my linux box and setup an encrypted home directory
with ecryptfs. So when boxbackup starts during the boot process, my
home is still encrypted and only contains a .Private directory and a
Readme.txt file. So Boxbackup immediately flagged all my files on the
backup server as 'deleted'. When I log in, my home is mounted
unencrypted, and then boxbackup begins to upload *all* of my home
directory files again, as the previous ones have been marked as

Do you think of a way to prevent this ? Is there a way to tell the
boxbackup client to delay its files scan or not to start it as long as
the home is not mounted ?

Otherwise I thought of starting boxbackup client from my .bashrc or my
.xsession, but it's far from being "clean"...

Thanks a lot in advance,


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