[Box Backup] Developer wanted!

Tom Albers toma at kovoks.nl
Wed Jan 6 13:39:11 GMT 2010


The following is a request for a developer who wants to implement below feature. We are prepared to pay someone to implement this as it has priority for us.

Short Problem description:
Housekeeping removes files from the store based on the actual file date and not on the deletion time.

Long Problem description:
Due to some reason my mail archive was deleted on my server. Each mail in the maildir has the date it arrived on the Cyrus mail server. I then looked in the backup and restored the archive.  But it seems Housekeeping has cleaned up and deleted everything permanently up to september 2009. So I lost my archive from 1998 - september 2009.  This caused because housekeeping looks at the actual file date and does not look at the actual deletion time.

Delete files based on a setting in the config. That way you can set the amount of days after the file has to be deleted from the archive after it has been removed from the origin. It should no longer look at the file date to determine if it has to be removed or not.

Terms of success:
- Implement above solution, or discuss another solution on this list and after approval implement that.
- Implement this in the next month or so.
- The current housekeeping system should be unaffected, so this is purely an optional way of handling deleted files.
- Needs to be Open Source and the new code should match the license of the current code involved.
- Needs to be merged back into boxbackup main development tree.

If you are interested in implementing this, please contact me at toma at kovoks.nl or chat with me at toma at jabber.kovoks.nl. We have no problem in paying you for this feature. State your price and skills in a private mail to me, we will select the best offer. We will transfer the money after all terms of success listed above are completed and verified by us*. Discussions about the solution should happen on this list. 


Tom Albers
*) to be clear: if the code will not be added by the boxbackup developers to bockbackup, we will not accept the solution and we will not pay out, so it is important the possible solution and implementation is discussed with those developers. Also you have to hunt them down for merging it in the tree before you get payed.
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