[Box Backup] Box Backup licensing

Ben Summers ben at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Jan 15 12:23:30 GMT 2010

Martin Ebourne wrote:
> Unfortunately the archives are down at the moment. This has been
> discussed before although a resolution was never carried through. The
> good news is that this is likely resolvable, Ben has previously stated
> the possibility of dropping the advertising clause (see attached email
> which is all I have on the subject). Of course he wrote most of the  
> code
> so is the biggest stakeholder here.
> As to Chris and I we've both previously expressed desire to move to a
> standard BSD licence (or even better GPL). There are a few other
> contributors, can't remember their position though I doubt any would
> object to removing the advertising clause.

I am happy to change the code I wrote to the standard BSD license.

The advertising clause is no longer fair, as Chris Wilson has taken  
over. I will leave it to Chris and the community to decide whether or  
not there should be an advertising clause, and if there is, what it  
should say.

I am not, however, willing to change the license to GPL because I  
believe the 'Box libraries' are of general utility. I know this will  
complicate things, but as a compromise I will, at Chris and the  
community's request, relicense the Box Backup specific code I wrote as  
GPL if the general purpose libraries are left with the BSD license.

I nominate Chris Wilson to adjudicate and make the final decision. :-)



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