[Box Backup] Box Backup licensing

Stewart Adam maillist at diffingo.com
Fri Jan 15 23:00:46 GMT 2010

On 2010/01/15 8:02 AM, Chris Wilson wrote:
>> I am not, however, willing to change the license to GPL because I
>> believe the 'Box libraries' are of general utility. I know this will
>> complicate things, but as a compromise I will, at Chris and the
>> community's request, relicense the Box Backup specific code I wrote as
>> GPL if the general purpose libraries are left with the BSD license.
>> I nominate Chris Wilson to adjudicate and make the final decision. :-)
> My current feeling on this is that I don't want the code that we wrote
> to be used by some commercial company in a closed-source product without
> paying us anything or even crediting us.

Perhaps a dual-license approach (like Qt) would be best? This way you can 
have one set of rules for open source software and another for commercial.

And in all cases, the core libraries can be kept as BSD only as Ben wished.


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