[Box Backup] Hard Links & Ignoring directories

Ben Bennett fiji at limey.net
Mon Jan 11 04:28:26 GMT 2010

Resurrecting this from the email vaults because the bug popped back
up.  I am running 0.11rc5.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 08:34:25AM +0300, Chris Wilson wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Jun 2009, Ben Bennett wrote:
>> Question the second.  I keep getting: Jun 21 22:24:56 ayup  
>> bbackupd[24222]: WARNING: Failed to access file: /home/jb/.gvfs:  
>> Permission denied
>> Which while true is irritating because I have:
> Thanks for the report. Should be fixed now. Please could you try updating 
> to the latest trunk version and see if that fixes this problem?

I'm getting:
> sudo bbackupquery "compare -aq" quit
WARNING: Exception thrown: CommonException(OSFileError) at BackupQueries.cpp(1592)
Exception: Common OSFileError (Error accessing a file. Check permissions.) (1/9)

As a reminder, the problem occurs when there is a .gvfs mounted.  I
have a line in the conf to exclude .gvfs dirs, but it seems to stat
the directory before it checks the exclude rules.  As another
annoyance, that error message would be way more useful if it included
the filename that caused it to blow up.  To debug this I straced the
run with some flags to pare down the result to remove some syscall
types so the output was less huge.

This was your last changeset related to this bug:


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