[Box Backup] Box Backup licensing

Mick Kappenburg boxbackup at functions-net.nl
Sat Jan 16 13:36:13 GMT 2010

> I am not, however, willing to change the license to GPL because I
> believe the 'Box libraries' are of general utility.
Well, it might be, but is it already used somewhere else? If not, I don't 
think it is going to happen. If the libs are in a project of its own with 
proper docs it will have a chance to be picked up. At the present I doubt it 
will be reused. Even if they are  proper libs chances are high they won't be 
reused, as this is often the case, unfortunately.

I haven't contributed yet (just started to get acquainted with the code), but 
hope you will go for GPL only.


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