[Box Backup] Box Backup licensing

Achim achim+box at qustodium.net
Thu Jan 21 22:39:21 GMT 2010

Hello list:

Chris is asking for objections, but I actually want to take a couple of 
seconds to 1) extend my manifold "Thank you" to everyone contributing to 
Box Backup, and 2) congratulate the stakeholders for a wise proposal 
(and hopefully soon: decision) with the move to as much GPL (v3?) as 

Personally, I would have liked the whole project to come under GPL to 
make the licensing easier to explain/understand and to create an 
additional  "incentive" (or obligation) to give back to the project.

On a side note (which was part of the argument for the BSD license for 
the libraries): Is anybody aware of a proprietary software that uses Box 
Backup code? From market place [1] it seems more like everybody is 
charging for the hosting rather than for the software, and everybody of 
those providers would benefit from each others contribution via GPL, but 
not via BSD...

Looking forward to 0.11, Achim

[1] http://www.boxbackup.org/trac/wiki/Marketplace

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