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Achim achim+box at qustodium.net
Tue Jan 26 12:05:44 GMT 2010

Hello list:

One thing just came to my mind about the relicensing under BSD and GPL:
Back in June we had a (small) discussion about the possibility of linking
to Microsofts's VSS headers. I quote verbatim from my message then, and
wanted to ask if we could add that exception to the GPL version under which
you will release 0.11, in order to have at least the legal aspects covered,
not to talk about the missing implementation ;-)

PS: Slightly OT but perhaps interesting for us users of a "cloud" software
with encryption:
"Encryption breakthrough promises privacy in the cloud"

> As I mentioned in another posting back in March 2009 [1], the Bacula
> project gets around the GPL "restriction" (actually: liberations) by
> a special clause that allows linking their GPL code with proprietary
> libraries. 
> A similar topic came up recently on the Bacula list again [2], and it
> appears that perhaps there will be some progress towards having Free,
> reverse-engineered header files. On the MingW list there is yet another
> discussion on how to go about such a reverse-engineering process, and I
> see that Chris is actively participating [3].
> It would be great if all the pieces would fall into place at some point,
> however I believe that a practical "in the meantime" approach would be a
> licensing exception, which, as Chris confirmed, would actually not even
> required for Box Backup's BSD-style license.
> Best regards, Achim
> [1]
> <http://lists.warhead.org.uk/pipermail/boxbackup/2009-March/005126.html>
> [2]
> [3]

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