[Box Backup] bbackupquery unusable when directory names contain special characters

Magnus Homann magnus at homann.se
Fri Jun 4 06:40:33 BST 2010

sm8ps-boxbackup1 at yahoo.com skrev:
> Dear list, dear developers
> My files and directories happen to contain special characters, specifically umlauts. It seems impossible to reach them from bbackupquery. I cannot type (!) in the relevant characters (ä,ö,ü etc.) and tab completion seems to relate to the working directory of the shell as opposed to the one used by bbackupquery. Needless to say that the backups are worthless in the present state. 
> I have read the entry about Box Backup and International Characters on the Wiki but this specific problem does not seem to be mentioned at all. Can anyone give me some hints?
> I am running BoxBackup v0.11rc2 on Ubuntu 8.04 (server) and 9.10  (client).

You can do something like

$ bbackupquery "cd /my/umlaut/path"

and then continue work in that directory.

Not very elegant, no.


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