[Box Backup] bbackupquery & special characters

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Mon Jun 7 14:34:43 BST 2010

Thanks for insisting, Magnus! It took me indeed three attempts before I understood your commentary from the last mail. I did not recall the possibility of passing a command to bbackupquery and mis-interpreted your suggested $ bbackupquery "cd /my/umlaut/path"
as something like $ bbackupquery ; "cd /my/umlaut/path" (which of course does not make sense). -- That indeed is a practical work-around, be it "very-annoying", indeed.

Chris, thank you for suggesting the de_DE codeset. This does work for me as only the umlauts are my concern and no other international characters. 

So for other people's reference I do (after studying http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Spracheinstellungen and creating the locale de_DE first) in a virtual console:
export LC_ALL=de_DE 
sudo bbackupquery
[do the backup]
export LC_ALL=de_CH.UTF-8 [reset to original locale]

I shall keep re-compiling in mind as another option. However, it would be much more convenient if there was a switch, maybe an optional switch to prevent the automatic disabling.

So for the moment, this problem is solved for me. Hopefully this discussion helps others find a suitable work-around as well.

Cheers & many thanks!

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