[Box Backup] HEADSUP: Website/wiki/subversion downtime this weekend

James O'Gorman james at netinertia.co.uk
Wed May 12 17:06:35 BST 2010

Hi all,

The main web server for boxbackup.org will have some downtime this weekend, starting from around 2100 GMT on Friday night (i.e. 2200 BST / 2300 CET) to allow:

1) My ISP to move to a new datacentre (there will be no IP address changes so no DNS issues); and
2) Moving to a new server!

I anticipate the installation of the new server to be completed by midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning, however I will need to copy all the data from the old server to the new and reconfigure all the services. I'm hoping this to be complete by Saturday afternoon.

I finally found some time (and money) to get a new machine as the current server is getting a bit unreliable (not helped by mod_python eating all available memory from time to time. Naughty mod_python!). The new machine is much beefier. :-)

Please note the mailing lists will not be affected by this as they are on a different server.

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