[Box Backup] Unable to restore (old version) of a file

Oleg A. Arkhangelsky sysoleg at yandex.ru
Mon Aug 1 14:47:16 BST 2011


> Box Backup (bbstored)[3807]: ERROR: Error in child process, 
> terminating connection: Common OSFileOpenError (Can't open a file -- attempted 
> to load a non-existant config file or bad file referenced within?) (1/2)

I had exactly the same problem and the reason was because bbstored has no
write permissions for the top level of backup storage location (that's specified in
raidfile.conf). During the restoration of some files bbstored wants to write directly to
this directory (need to store some tmp data?) and not to the "backup" subdirectory
as it usually does. 

Hope this helps someone sometimes. :)

wbr, Oleg.

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