[Box Backup] Boxi loses settings from bbackupd.conf

Achim achim+box at qustodium.net
Sun Aug 14 19:16:18 BST 2011

Hello list:

Boxi loses the following settings from an existig bbackupd.conf 
configuration file when overwriting it with an updated version (edited 
throught the GUI itself):

StorePort =
LogAllFileAccess =
LogFileLevel =
LogFile =
NotifyAlways =
ExtendedLogFile =
MaxUploadRate =
DeleteRedundantLocationsAfter =

Some of those settings are somewhat more recent (MaxUploadRate and 

How could Boxi preserve the above settings, even though we might not 
expose them in the GUI for now? All those settings seem important 
enough not to be overlooked, especially the logging and store-related 

Chris, any pointer as to where to locate/fix this in the code, and I 
will have a go at it.

And what was the reason in the first place to have Boxi re-create a 
completely new bbackupd.conf (overwriting the old one and losing all 
comments at the same time), instead of just updating the values in 
place (or, alternatively, make a new copy of existing bbackupd.conf, 
update values, overwrite existing bbackupd.conf with new copy in an 
atomic operation)?

Best regards, Achim

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